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 About Jungle Lasers, LLC.

National Geomatica is a product of Jungle Lasers, LLC, a New Jersey based web-services company. Founded in 1997, we provide the government, construction, design, real estate, engineering, architectural and legal communities in distinct geographic markets across the country with municipal Land Use information. Over 65,000 monthly logins from more than 12,000 registered users occur at our subscription-based websites.

We are the largest provider of municipal land use ordinances in the United States with over 3700 towns covering nearly 40% of the US population currently available. Speaking to our automation skill-set, our digital database asset, covering the ordinance and tax records of nearly 4500 towns, can now be maintained with a production staff of 6 people.
Subscription-based products to-date include:

  • : land-use information
  • : assessments and tax maps
  • : tax map updates
  • : HUD flood maps
  • : utility company solutions

Our 92-94% subscription renewal rate, extraordinary for content providers, covers products ranging in price from $10 for daily access to $7100 for annual access to Our real estate databases include over 5 million pages of text, over 50,000 maps and over 5.5 million property parcels in the United States.

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